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Are you ready to live a joyful, successful life? 
So many of us think we can't have it all. We can have this OR that, success or happiness, but not BOTH.

Sometimes when we get overwhelmed by our career and life responsibilities, we can lose our sense of self, or even our peace of mind. These are high prices to pay. 

The career and life of your dreams is waiting for you! 

It is possible to avoid burnout, be successful, and increase your peace of mind. Arin Halicki, transformational coach and Kundalini yoga instructor specializes in creating balance, awareness, and powerful a-ha moments. 

If you are an ambitious and driven woman who knows there is more to life than a career, but still loves their work ... You are in the perfect place! Arin helps open up possibilities for women that are looking to invite more balance, integrity and joy into their work lives.  

There are many ways to connect, collaborate, and create with Arin, see below and click to learn more!


Arin's coaching programs and retreats are tailored to driven and soulful women. Especially those looking to achieve success while maintaining peace of mind and avoiding burnout. Join the free "Love Your Work Life" community, or a signature program. 


Arin's first book "Your Emergency Brake: Powerfully shift the direction of your career and life."  will release in Summer 2021. Pre-order your copy today. 

MamaSita Yoga

Discover the power of Kundalini Yoga and sound healing. Increase your peace of mind and joy through the practice. Come yoga with Arin at her online studio, MamaSita Yoga, offering exciting events and affordable membership. 

Speaker, Podcasts, etc.

Arin is available for motivational and inspirational speaking. She has interviewed many experts in her online shows, appears on podcasts, and can create custom talks for your audience.
  • Be Extraordinary  and Authentic
Arin’s joy is working with mid-career professionals and aspiring female leaders, to help them remove layers of societal and social conditioning to connect deeply with their power and authentic self. She enables her clients to gracefully move through anything that life or work throws at them, while achieving extraordinary results.

  • More than a Spot Treatment
Many coaches will work on spot treating clients reactively.  Arin works to understand the heart of the matter at hand, so her clients have a solid foundation and basis for lasting change and long term success. 
  • Success Without the Overwhelm
Using her experience working in Corporate America across many job functions, and as an entrepreneur, Arin combines the “doing-ness” of professionalism with the “being-ness” of yogic philosophy and practice. Arin holds a powerful, loving and wise space for others to conquer challenges or overwhelm, so they may rise in their unique greatness.
Who is Arin Halicki?
Arin Halicki is an ex-Silicon Valley corporate ladder climber turned spiritual entrepreneur. When the success she had on paper, no longer filled the joy in her heart, she knew something had to change.  She embarked on a journey or various career changes looking for the "right" fit. 

Arin successfully reinvented her career and life quite a few times, and through those experiences learned many valuable lessons.  Her passion is to share her knowledge, and inspire, so that others can more easily step into lives of their dreams. 

Lives where career success, peace of mind, and joy can co-exist. 

She has overcome many obstacles both personally and professionally. These helped her developing massive resilience, compassion, and leadership skills. She is on a mission now to bridge the gap between consciousness and capitalism. 

As a transformational coach and Kundalini yoga instructor, Arin creates powerful and lasting breakthroughs and shifts for her clients, through a variety of modalities, programs, and events. 
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